Advocating for a Living Wage
It has been over ten years since the minimum wage was lifted to $7.25. In 2020 with too many families struggling financially, it is imperative that the state legislature aid the hard-working people of District 64 and the state of South Carolina to make ends meet by increasing the state minimum wage. With the South Carolina economy possessing surpluses, South Carolina’s families deserve to take part in this success. If elected, Johnson will support bipartisan legislation and work with business organizations to gradually up our state’s minimum wage in a way that will not negatively impact the backbone of our economy, small businesses. A living wage for South Carolinians will create a better future for the Palmetto State.


Advocating for Quality Healthcare
The peace of mind to be insured with healthcare in case misfortune strikes is something that all of District 64’s citizens should have. In 2010, the federal government established the state Medicaid expansion program. As a result of South Carolina’s decision to not accept these funds, over 300,000 thousand South Carolinians are left uninsured. Furthermore, we see the impact it has had in surrounding communities; rural hospital closures and preventable deaths. The General Assembly must put politics aside and put the citizens of this state first. Medicaid expansion will create a healthier South Carolina and a healthier South Carolina means a better South Carolina. Kimberly O. Johnson will be a strong advocate for expanding healthcare coverage as our representative!


Advocating for Jobs and Economic Development
As the former president of the Clarendon Chamber of Commerce, Johnson has a unique perspective on what it takes to bring jobs and economic development into our district. An educated workforce by investing in rural education, a fair tax policy that promotes industry, and credits and incentives with enforcement for potential businesses are all crucial to bringing more good-paying jobs to our district and the Palmetto State.


Advocating for Rural Broadband Access
In rural communities, too many families and students are left without Wi-Fi. In a highly digitalized and technological 21st century society, access to the internet is essential. Rural communities not having broadband access creates disparities in our healthcare (telehealth) and education systems. Like the bipartisan H. 3780 bill, Johnson will champion legislation and work with Congressman Clyburn’s Task Force to ensure we as a state extend the internet’s reach to every part of our district.

Advocating for a Better Education System
The most important aspect of creating a better, more equal, and more prosperous South Carolina is the state legislature properly investing in our state’s education system, particularly rural areas like many towns/cities in District 64. As the chair of the Clarendon School District Two Board, Johnson brings the best perspective in this race on what it takes to create positive education outcomes: properly paid teachers with yearly cost-of-living adjustments and state funds for end-of-year stipends, funds to provide the necessary resources to deliver a good education, smaller class sizes that promotes environments for teachers to teach, more paraprofessionals in our schools to assist to our educators, and less state-mandated testing. Education reform must be the top priority in the next session. As your representative, Johnson will fight to make sure public education is appropriately funded in order to create an even better South Carolina!

Advocating for Rural Communities